• David duChemin

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    David is an assignment photographer based in Vancouver. He has extensive international assignment experience on 6 continents.

    Humanitarian and photographer, David duChemin has traveled the world with his camera.  Want to know how he got started as a photographer who wants to save the world?


    At 39 years old, David duChemin’s idealism doesn’t seem to be fading any. In fact, it looks like it’s settling in for the long haul. He still wants to use his powers for good (and not for evil); he still wants to save the world and be a resource to others that would do the same.

    David specializes in creating compelling images that are both aesthetically and emotionally moving. If you need a photographer who shoots from the heart, has a strong work ethic and will go the extra mile for his clients, David’s your man. Killer bees in Africa? No problem, he’s done it. Mongolia in -30C weather? Bring it on.

    David has shot for a growing list of commercial and non-profit groups and is the author of  the best-selling Within The Frame, The Journey of Photographic Vision, as well as VisionMongers, Making a Life and a Living in Photography; and Vision & Voice, Refining Your Vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. David is sponsored by leaders within the photographic industry. -via Pixelated Image

    For more information about David duChemin, visit his website

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