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  • 106: Chase Jarvis, Part 1

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    Episode #106


    Chase Jarvis, Photographer & Director
    Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, director, and fine artist with a consistent ambition to break down the barriers between new- and traditional media, fine- and commercial art. As a photographic master, Chase has won numerous awards from Prix de la Photographie de Paris, The Advertising Photographers of America, The International Photography Awards, and numerous photographic trade magazine throughout the western world. Photo District News Magazine calls Chase one of the top 30 most influential photographers of the past decade.
    Early in his career, Chase dabbled in filmmaking, directing and producing short films (winning recognition at select film festivals across the country). This passion was resurrected in 2008 when Chase launched the world’s first HDdSLR — the Nikon D90. Chase quickly rose into the limelight as a new “indie” directorial figurehead armed with these new cameras and others like it, as well as the creative chops that have helped defined a new era of filmmaking. As such, his career as a Director and Producer of commercials, short films and music videos has exploded in the last 2 years. Whether working on commercial or personal projects, the opportunity to work with some of the best brands of our time–Apple, Starbucks, Nike and hundreds of others–with multi-platinum artists like Sarah Mclachlan and members of Pearl Jam–Chase has defined an aesthetic that’s all his own.

    In the Fine Art world, Chase has begun to work with curators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Foundation, as well as galleries in the USA, Europe and Middle East in photography, film, “instant” and “live” worlds of creativity, and the interrelation of accessible art and popular culture. In the lineage of Warhol, Basquiat, and Shepard Fairey, Jarvis has worked to elevate the nature of instant art, community collaboration and sharing of art while simultaneously democratizing its processes.

    Chase is also the creator of 3 books. Seattle 100, Portrait of a City which is the culmination of a 3 year project photographing cultural leaders in Seattle and combining those images with an ethnography of the city he calls home. Another book launched in 2007 titled simply Stevens Pass–the first book of its kind celebrating a single ski area. And last year’s hit book–part of an ‘ecosystem’ combined with an online site and iPhone app–called The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You was released in the Fall 2009 to widespread media acclaim, and was featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, the Discover Channel, Fox, CBC Canada, as well as in The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times and numerous other media channels in broadcast, print, and online. His iPhone app “Best Camera” was voted Top 20 by Wired Magazine and Macworld, out of more than 200,000 apps online.

    Chase has been featured in print, web, and broadcast—including photography, film and video trades, celebrity, news, and popular culture media—worldwide. Few artists have achieved this meteoric success in any one discipline, let alone achieved at such a high level in all of them. And he’s still in his 30’s.

    In addition to his creative pursuits, Chase has many interests. He is a widely sought after presenter and has been a Keynote speaker on 5 continents. His invites include those ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to universities, to the prestigious TED conferences held worldwide. He is an “accidental” social media maven with millions of followers. He is also an entrepreneur–having recently started one of the world’s fastest growing online education channels, creativeLIVE.com, in January 2010–and is a gifted leader, volunteer, husband and uncle.


    This episode is part one of our two part interview with photographer and director Chase Jarvis. Tamara met with him in his sleek Seattle studio. In the episode, Chase shares his journey to becoming a 10 year “overnight” success, which included more no’s early on than you might think, and just how much inspiration for his visionary work comes from outside of photography.


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