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  • Kodak Playsport Video Camera

    The latest model in our widely popular PLAYSPORT Video Camera line—the KODAK PLAYSPORT Zx5 —is up for any challenge. Built-in image stabilization lets you take beautiful 1080p HD video in the harshest conditions. Insanely tough design makes it dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to 10 ft. -via Kodak

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Idania » 21. Jul, 2014

the tv ads are done by the tv station thats how they make money to buy and run show like lost., i dont live in usa, i get my view atnoher way with no ads.after listerning to podcasts this year, i hear the boys say there about 5 to 6 more seasons to come, hmm or are they fooling around, with us, i heard them say zombies, yeah right as if,i hope their smart like the larry david of seinfeld, and called it quits, (wanting us to want more,)i reckon they could finsh off the show in atnoher season or so, however there milking the cash cow. at the moment, and good luck to them, its big money.i too love lost and get into, but some of the shows are milking it a bit to much.i was under the inpressing this year lost was about the others, which has been correct,