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  • Cambio Camera Support System

    Petrol Bags™ Cambio convertible equipment bag/camera support system is an industry first. A carry-on sized smooth-rolling camera carrier that transforms into a lightweight support system for small video camcorders, Cambio allows users to travel lighter, avoid waiting for baggage, and set up quickly once they’ve arrived at the location. -via Petrol Bags

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Cassandra » 21. Jul, 2014

Michael,I am not anyone that you know but I do take voice from an Italian Method inrsoucttr. I just found this blog today and am enjoying it immensely. I have to congratulate you on finding out who you are or should I say who/what your voice really is.I also study the laws of vibrational resonance as relates to the law of attraction and find that what you describe here is really more psychological than physiological/instrument related. You had the voice all along and needed an acceptable label for it in order to FEEL adequate and set it free. The mind is a funny thing. Carry on and be sure let us know where we can find you and listen to you when you are a famous Heldentenor!Jbtw: my inrsoucttr is trying to help me rid myself of awful throat singing. Can you comment and make suggestions for this problem?thanks.