• Episode #113: Scott Bourne

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    I’m a storyteller…my job is to use whatever tools available to me…to convey a message that is deeper than one can see at first glance.Scott Bourne

    In this episode of reDefine we joined photographer, and controversial media personality, Scott Bourne, in his Las Vegas studio.  We discuss why Scott loves photographing birds, specifically, and why good media should cause viewers to react.  Positively, or negatively, they should react.  And, listen in as he shares some no-nonsense advice for anyone looking to excel in the creative arts.

    In this episode, Scott Bourne has a lot of advice to offer. Here are three life lessons he has learned:

    • Figure out exactly what you want to do and do that.
    • Don’t worry about new, worry about you.
    • Don’t let yourself become a commodity. Don’t allow your work to be treated as if anyone could do it the same as you do.

    Good media causes people to react. Scott Bourne

    Scott Bourne is a digital media pioneer and has been involved in photography for more than three decades. His award-winning photography has appeared in more than 200 books, magazines, newspapers, television shows, fine art galleries and websites. View Scott Bourne’s Bio


Comments (2)

James Jollay » 09. Feb, 2012

I love the wisdom that’s being shared. Thank you both.

Also, I assume these interviews are longer that 11 minutes. If they are, do you or will you post a full length version at some point?

Pedro » 20. Jul, 2014

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