• Episode #114 : Paula Poundstone

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    The way I work is very organic.  I have jokes and they are very autobiographical in nature. Paula Poundstone

    In this episode of reDefine, we talk with the very funny Paula Poundstone, one of the top 100 comedians of all time.  Paula joins us from her home in Los Angeles to share why being a stand-up comic is pretty much like being any other creative, you can get exhausted looking at your competition, instead of focusing on your own work.  Paula also shares why, after a diagnosis of OCD, she realized it was nearly impossible to corral her own self, which led straight to her very successful, and wildly unique creative style.

    Paula has a lot to say about being a stand-up comic that can inspire any creative person.

    • Create a relationship with the audience.
    • I focus on my work and keep my eye on the ball.
    • If I never have anything more than I have right now, I remain the luckiest comic in the world.  I love what I do!

    I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder…For me, everything that gets said reminds me of something that I feel I must say.Paula Poundstone

    Appearing on stage with a stool, a microphone, and a can of Diet Pepsi, PAULA POUNDSTONE is famous for her razor-sharp wit and spontaneity.  The Boston Globe said, “Poundstone improvises with a crowd like a Jazz musician…swinging in unexpected directions without a plan, without a net.”  Paula is so quick and unassuming that audience members at her live shows often leave complaining that their cheeks hurt from laughter and debating whether the random people she talked to were “plants”. Paula grew up in Sudbury, Massachusetts and by the time she was nineteen was traveling on a Greyhound bus across the country – stopping in at open mic nights at comedy clubs as she went.  She credits her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bump, with being the first one to spot her comedic talents.  Bump wrote in a letter to Paula’s parents: “I have enjoyed many of Paula’s humorous comments about our activities.”

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