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  • Episode 116

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    Episode 116

    Guest : Doug Gordon

    Doug Gordon, a photographer/ teacher/motivational speaker, was raised by penguins following a childhood boating accident. He graduated from high school with an astounding GPA of 74 and that was only because he could throw a baseball over 90mph. His SAT scores, while not perfect, were very appropriate for his efforts. He continued his education with a one-night class at Suffolk Community College, where he both learned that not all issues can be reduced to black or white and received the best sleep of his life, as he describes it.


    In this episode of reDefine, we continue our discussion with the very popular and quite business-savvy, Doug Gordon.  Doug shares with us his favorite photography toys and also walks us through his three smartest pieces of advice for anyone running their own business, recognizing that although passion is incredibly significant, it’s going to take more than that to pay the bills.


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