How Did I Not Know About This?

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Joe » 21. Jul, 2014

This thread was valid until Every man for Himself in my opoinin.I bad-mouthed the recent epidemic of commercials and the can of worms thing where new mysteries are unveild before old ones are put to rest. In fact, I found the for exactly that reason, wanting to make sure other fans are just as upset with the loss of momentum.It wasn’t until the most recent episode that things appear to be moving well once again. Based on upcoming previews, I believe the show will redeem itself and then some.Remember, if so few of us have similar thoughts about the show, we are statistically a healthy sample from the entire Lost community. ABC and the Writers should realize that through market study and will govern themselves accordingly if they want the show to maintain its popularity.After all, it is a LOT easier and cheaper to keep an audience hooked on an existing show than it is to build a brand new audience for a new show.

Geri » 31. Aug, 2015

Do you have more great aritlces like this one?