• Episode #119 : Penny de los Santos Part Two

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    If you are ever, ever going to make a picture that has emotion, intent, or feeling…You need to be able to do that with yourself.Penny de los Santos

    In this episode of reDefine, we continue our talk with food and travel photographer, Penny de los Santos as she tells us her three best pieces of advice, including how to get a mentor (even if they don’t really want the job). And, we dig into on-assignment story where seemingly all hope is lost.  Check out our TedX Austin mash-up for this cool photography cliffhanger.

    • Find mentors and bring them gifts.
    • Self assign your dream assignment and practice everyday.
    • You need to be clear in who you are as a person.

    To make that picture, in that moment…that’s the moment where I realize I love what I do.Penny de los Santos

    Penny is an award winning photographer and a senior contributing photographer at Saveur Magazine. Based in New York City she specializes in food and travel photograph.

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