• Episode 205: Me Ra Koh

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    It’s part of who I am and part of what makes me so passionate today. No matter what you’ve gone through, there is still so much you can have.Me Ra Koh

    In this episode, Tamara delivers Part 1 of her interview with speaker, photographer, and author Me Ra Koh.  Listen in as Me Ra shares her unique path into the photography industry, how she turned to the camera as a means of healing – and wound up as a popular prime-time photo expert, with the distinction of being a Sony Artisan of Imagery.

    If you ever wanted to know how photographers become sponsored by major camera manufacturers, you won’t want to miss Me Ra’s story.

    When we met with them at their headquarters in San Diego, we talked with them about what would it really be like to really reach women, especially moms who are so excited.Me Rah Koh

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