• Episode 219: Photography Tutorial with Tamara

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    Join Tamara as she shows you the ease of photographing small groups or family portraits in an “anywhere”-type location situation by utilizing simple posing and navigating the use of fill light by working with a reflector when you don’t have an assistant.

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SukhaChiddho » 20. Jul, 2014

in this article have relaly impacted me in a practical way in the last week or two. One was how we CONCEIVE of the act of phonating, the act of resonating and the other was about our intention of tone being everything (we can sabotage our deliberate acts’ of control because it’s our intention which relaly acts on our reflexes)Those ideas relaly stuck with me and I’ve discovered the truth of how dangerous it is to want to control the way you sound.By this I refer to (I think) David Jones’ assertion that What is beautiful to the singer in his or her inside hearing is usually unattractive to the audience. What sounds unattractive to the singer sounds beautiful to the audience or listener and When a singer is relaly on the perfect breath flow and using a resonant sound, the inside tonal quality can sound truly ugly to the singer inside their head. I have been recording a few performances and singing for friends recently . and relaly going for the ugly’ (what the hey). I thought to myself this couldn’t possibly be right cos it sounds so awful in my head but the facts were 1. it FELT relaly great free and easy 2. It felt surrendered 3. I was using almost no breath, just coasting on the crest of the wave so to speak.I was told (and can hear for myself on tape) the difference what seemed loud in my head was relaly tight, small and squeezed to the audience and the sound I thought nasal and ugly in my head had a real ring’ and projection when I heard it back.I think we get so caught up in mechanics sometimes without letting go of the pretty sound we want to make and don’t realise our bodies and voiceboxes are actually instruments. Keep up the blogs, I am now a subscriber and find they are very helpful.