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  • Kata Mini Bee

  • Rotolight

  • Doug Gordon Torchlight LED


  • Wolverine Digital Film and Slide Converter

  • iPro Lens System

  • B Grip Camera Holster

  • GorillaPod SLR-Zoom

    “Flexible, wrappable legs allow you to secure professional camera equipment weighing up to 3kg (6.5 lb) to virtually any surface, expanding the range of shots you are capable of capturing.”

  • Clik Elite Volt Packpack

    Perfect for nature and wildlife photographers, the Clik Elite CE716GR Volt ClikStand Probody SLR Case is a portable studio for mounting lighting, reflectors and camera. Lightweight, portable, single person operation, the ClikStand pulls double duty as a supportive pack frame and an integrated equipment stand. Carry heavy loads comfortably when you hike, bike, ski, or climb. The self-supporting pack gives you a stable workstation above dirt or snow.


  • Optoma PK102 Pico Pocket Projector

    “The Optoma PK102 Pico pocket projector features new ways to share content both cool and critical. Easily connects to your favorite personal media player and features 4GB of internal memory – enough to hold up to 6000 pictures or 8 hours of video.

    You can even display right from your laptop’s VGA connection. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the truly portable, battery-operated PK102 is perfect for sharing photos, videos and other images wherever you go.”
    -via Adorama



  • MPS Sticky Filters

    ” Take full advantage of your digital camera’s versatility with this easy to use flash filter gel system.  Go ahead! Shoot under fluorescent lights, sodium vapor lights, metal halide, tungsten.  Sticky Filters will make your flash compatible with all of them.  No more green or amber backgrounds!  Reduces or eliminates the need for bounce lighting.  You just get good natural looking photos.”

  • Tiffen Steadicam Merlin

    “The Steadicam Merlin offers light, agile, seamless shooting for today’s videographer. Ultra-light and ultra-compact, the Steadicam Merlin allows you to keep up with the action more easily than ever. Designed by Garrett Brown, the inventor of the original Steadicam Jr, the Merlin is the next generation hand held Steadicam system. The Steadicam Merlin is half the weight and four times as stable as the JR.  Yet, it can move as smoothly as the big $60,000 rigs used in Hollywood. The Merlin let’s you “fly” wherever the scene takes you–up and down steps, indoors and outside, through crowds–almost anywhere, with precise, elegant control and ease.  Its quick release mount lets you instantly swap camera connections between your Merlin and any tripod.”

  • ColorMunki

    ColorMunki is the industry’s hottest all-in-one color solution that delivers unparalleled color control and color creation tools for photo and design digital workflows. -via ColorMunki

  • Cambio Camera Support System

    Petrol Bags™ Cambio convertible equipment bag/camera support system is an industry first. A carry-on sized smooth-rolling camera carrier that transforms into a lightweight support system for small video camcorders, Cambio allows users to travel lighter, avoid waiting for baggage, and set up quickly once they’ve arrived at the location. -via Petrol Bags

  • Kodak Playsport Video Camera

    The latest model in our widely popular PLAYSPORT Video Camera line—the KODAK PLAYSPORT Zx5 —is up for any challenge. Built-in image stabilization lets you take beautiful 1080p HD video in the harshest conditions. Insanely tough design makes it dustproof, shockproof and waterproof up to 10 ft. -via Kodak

  • Polaroid Pogo

    Give instant life to the images on your cell phone camera or digital camera with the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Mobile Printer. Thanks to the magic of ZINK™ Zero Ink™ Printing Technology, this pocket-sized wonder will have you printing and sharing 2×3 borderless, color, sticky-back images instantly! -via

  • Google Voice

    “What is Google Voice?

    Google Voice is a phone management system that is perfect for helping you stay organized.

    Google Voice isn’t a phone service, but it lets you manage all of your phones. It works with mobile phones, desk phones, work phones, and VoIP lines. There’s nothing to download, upload, or install, and you don’t have to make or take calls using a computer.

    Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones — a phone number that is tied to you, not to a device or a location. Use it to simplify the way you use phones, make using voicemail as easy as email, customize your callers’ experience, and more.

    Google Voice lets you define which phones ring, based on who’s calling, and even let you listen to a voicemail before answering the call. We use smart technology to route your calls. So, if you’re already on a Google Voice call, we’ll recognize it and use call waiting to reach you on the phone you’re on.”
    -via Google Voice

  • Evernote

    “Our goal at Evernote is to give everyone the ability to easily capture any moment, idea, inspiration, or experience whenever they want using whichever device or platform they find most convenient, and then to make all of that information easy to find.

    And we’ve done just that. From creating text and ink notes, to snapshots of whiteboards and wine labels, to clips of webpages, Evernote users can capture anything from their real and digital lives and find it all anytime.”



    Hipmunk is a remarkable new travel search site that aims to take the agony out of travel planning. We designed our site to help people who are overwhelmed with pages of irrelevant search results. Flight results are presented in a visual “timeline” that allows people to select the best flight for them at a glance. Hotel results are shown on a map so that people can view where in a destination they will be staying and the landmarks near them.” ~