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  • Rangefinder Magazine August 2011

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        A big thank you to Rangefinder Magazine and thoughtful writer Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler for a wonderful feature in this month’s magazine! I also did a follow up interview with Rangefinder Radio, which went into a bit more detail about children’s photography – if interested, you can check out the podcast here.      


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  • Fundy SOS Interview: Tamara Lackey on Success

    We were lucky enough to have the über awesome Tamara Lackey in house. In this interview we spoke with Tamara about what success is and interviewed her about her new show ReDefine. In this online show, she interviews a variety of successful, creative people. After watching this interview, I highly recommend heading on over to the ReDefine website and watch the current shows. Personally, I’m going to be tuning in for every episode.

    Watch the interview here

  • Tamara Lackey Launches new reDefine Show – Practical Inspiration!

    Photographer, educator, entrepreneur and mom extraordinaire Tamara Lackey launched a new inspirational web show called reDefine. In the show Tamara talks to people about the work they love and creative ways they find success. Being the Tamara Lackey groupie that I am, I was thrilled to interview her about reDefine. Here’s the inside scoop (paraphrased from our chat)!

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  • lbobi interview: Tamara Lackey and reDefine

    My good friend Tamara Lackey has launched a new online interview show today called reDefine. I really like what Tamara is doing with this show and I wanted to spread the word for her. In that vein I asked Tamara a couple questions about her show and here are her answers.

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